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This project is now over and registrataion is closed.  

Please enjoy what teachers had to say about this project:




The project fit into our study of 3D shapes, and was an excellent exercise for First Grade. We chose our playground, which is divided into primary & upper grade, so it was a welcome adventure into unexplored territory.

The photo posting was a challenge, as I had to find a photo storage facility that would pass through our District spam blocker. Flickr was my final choice. Next time, maybe I’ll be ready for the wiki too.

My first graders had a great time with the project. We used our handhelds. The students went around the school and took pictures. Then they drew on the pictures to highlight the shapes. We used voice thread to upload the photos because I fine it is quick and simple. Next year I will have my students narrate the slides too.

Thanks Jennifer for organising this project. Not only did my students have great fun using a variety of constuction materials to make pictures using shapes but its great to extend the project by looking at the shapes everyone else found or made.

It was also my first time at using a photo sharing site and I plan to use it for other things too. If this project becomes an annual event I look forward to being beter prepared to add the students thoughts to the photos.

My Kindergarteners participated in this project. We spent 2-3 days doing different shapes activities. The activity I decided to “publish” was the shape collage picture they created on the Smartboard. Each of them dictated a sentence abou their picture. We uploaded their pictures to Voice thread and then recorded their comment with it. After looking at some of the other projects, the students suggested that we try some of the ideas that we saw! They really enjoyed looking at what other students were finding and discovering using shapes. I plan next year to extend this project more and use with both grade levels in my classroom.

We had a great time with this project. I have participated in other projects, (Egg roll,Oreo,etc.) but we carried this project a bit further. All the first graders in our school got involved. We first took pictures outside in the playground and then the children created projects using the three shapes. I even did a shape lesson using the smartboard and our CPS clicker system for the principal of our school. This was a great project- I’m hoping to try my hand at using voicethread for a project soon.Thanks Jennifer!

We also had a great time with this project. Firstly we helped our buddies from Area 1 make there transport shape pictures and then photographed them. I put them on bubbleshare (only because our school computer system was playing up - much to the disappointment of the students who were going to have a go of uploading pictures and organising the slideshow. Tis pre-primary year one are looking at different forms of transport and used the activity to integrate the 2 areas together.

In my own class I decided to let the students take photos and this was the first time the whole class had been out taking photos. They found interesting shapes in lots of places around the school. I also had to upload their photos at home because of the system trouble at school but they were happy with the results. I decided that as I had used lots of different photo storage and slideshow programs I would post their photos and follow-up writing on googlepages which was one of the other suggested ways to present our activity. Googlepages was very easy to use and easy to link to my own class blog pages.

Thanks Jen for continuing to provide interesting online activities for the students to be involved in.


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